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Online marketing, often referred to as internet marketing, covers various areas such as social media, email marketing, SEO (search engine optimization), SEA (search engine advertising), display marketing, content optimization and more. It also includes more specific strategies such as mobile marketing for smartphones and tablets as well as the use of infographics and YouTube advertising videos. A central aspect is analysis in order to measure and optimize the success of the various campaigns. The cost of online marketing varies depending on the product and strategy, and both large companies and small businesses can implement effective strategies with different budgets. offers specialized online marketing consulting in Berlin to develop customized strategies and guide companies through the complexities of online marketing.

How do you achieve your goals effectively in online marketing?

A precise target group analysis is crucial for achieving effective goals in online marketing. This analysis makes it possible to develop customized strategies that are precisely tailored to the needs and preferences of the target group. Customized approaches are more effective than general, universal solutions as they enable a direct approach and achieve higher engagement rates. It is important to understand the specific characteristics and behaviors of the target group in order to design successful campaigns that resonate and convert.

What does online marketing cost?

The costs for online marketing depend heavily on the advertised product and the chosen strategy. There is no one-size-fits-all budget, as different products and objectives require different approaches. However, effective and strategically planned online marketing can be tailored to almost any budget to be cost-efficient and successful. It is important to plan the marketing budget carefully and tailor it to the specific needs and objectives of the product or service.

How much do large companies and enterprises spend on online marketing?

Large companies’ spending on online marketing can vary considerably, with some companies willing to invest several hundred thousand euros per month. This investment reflects the importance placed on online marketing in today’s digital economy. However, the flexibility of online marketing also allows smaller companies with limited budgets to compete effectively, and automation and the use of AI is a good lever for reducing online marketing costs and increasing efficiency. Through targeted strategies, they can reach their target groups cost-effectively, which levels the playing field to a certain extent.

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